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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does bail cost?
A. The usual cost is 10% of the amount of the bond(s).

Q. Do you give credit?
A. Yes, depends on amount of the bond and terms requested.

Q. Any discounts available?
A. I give a 20% discount to veterans and senior citizens.

Q. Do you receive the bail money back when the case is over?
A. No, money paid for a bond is non-refundable. Bondsman earns the bail money when the person is released from custody.

Q. What is the liability of a co-signer?
A. Responsible to pay the total amount of the bond(s) if the person fails to appear in court as required.

Q. If bonded can a person get a public defender?
A. Not usually, but sometimes allowed by the court.

Q. How long after a bond posted will person be released from custody?
A. At Tulsa county jail, usually between 2 and 4 hours.

Q. Can you visit the person in custody?
A. Yes, call Tulsa county jail at 918-596-8900 for visiting hours/days.

Q. When is your liability as co-signer over?
A. When the person's case is resolved by the court.

Q. What if person is on "Hold" for another jurisdiction?
A. Call me....depends on many factors.

Q. How to get a bond reduced?
A. Usually only an attorney can get a judge to reduce the amount of a bond, not the bondsman.


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